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The Arcade Cabinets

   This page is dedicated to my Arcade Cabinet collection, still in it's infancy.

1976 Gottlieb Surf Champ Pinball:


Cabinet type: Classic Style Pinball (Electromechanical)
Dimensions: approx. 6 feet high  x  2 feet wide  x  5 feet deep
Material: Plywood / MDF
Coinage: Factory unit, 4-player capacity
Purchase Cost: approx. $1,000.00



Cabinet type: upright Cabaret-style MAME cabinet
Dimensions: approx. 48 inches high  x  26 inches wide  x  24 inches deep
Material: MDF
Monitor: Dell 17 inch LCD display - horizontal orientation
Computer / CPU: E-Machines 466 Celeron processor, 256M RAM
Controls: Super Competition joysticks and buttons from HAPP controls
Interface: 2-player IPAC controller
Coinage: HAPP controls 2-player, full-function coin door
Cost: approx. $500.00

Below are build pics for the cab (I didn't start documenting until the cab was about 40% complete).





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