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Monday, March 24, 2014

Let's talk PINBALL!!!

So the wife thought it would be a cool idea if I looked into getting a pinball machine this year, since the tax return was so good (I know, she really is AWESOME!!).  After weeks of research and looking around for the 'right' machine, I ended up getting a Gottlieb Surf Champ pinball machine, straight out of 1976!

Save for a couple of minor items, the pin looks and play great!  I'm just happy of the fact that the arcade is actually starting to look like an 'arcade', instead of a basement with one lonely cabinet.  Livin' the retro-gaming dream for sure!!  Next up, getting the basic build of the cocktail cab started!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have buttons, now let's build that next cab!

Finally got the buttons in for Rick's future cocktail cabinet.  We ended up getting an 18-button set up for his cab:  2 players, with 6 action buttons each,  1 & 2-player start buttons, buttons for 1 and 2-player credits, and a couple buttons to incorporate a pause and escape for MAME.  He's inheriting a couple of 8-way joysticks via my first cabinet, that was disassembled long ago.

I'll hopefully be able to get my cocktail going soon, but I want the nice pac-man style joysticks and I've been pinching pennies to get other things fixed around the house.  The plan is to get the supplies by mid-spring.  In the meantime, I now have the 1 and 2-player start buttons for my Horizons cab from this last shipment, so no more holes in the control panel - yea!!!