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Thursday, January 31, 2013

New and improved blog . . . well, it will be soon.

   I ditched my arcade web site, as I wasn't utilizing the web space enough to make it worth the expense.  But since Blogger allows us the option to add pages, etc., I'm basically going to move the web site over to the blog.

   So soon I will have a few 'pages' set up for you the check out.  There'll be a page dedicated to my arcade cabinets, showing the build progress, stats and costs for each one, etc. I'll also have a Tech Tips & Tricks page, as well as a page dedicated to all things MAME.  I'll probably add another page for the game room itself, showing how it's being decorated, lights & wiring, nick-nacks, etc.

   Overall, it will create a more complete arcade blog experience.  I'm going to post a bunch of pics for the Horizon cabinet build soon, as it's basically a finished project.  Keep checking in!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Vacation, My Ass . . .

Well, here's a surprise.  Didn't get time to work on anything arcade-related.  Too much stuff going on with family holiday get-togethers, housework / home repairs and taking care of the baby while the daycare was closed.  Baby brought home an awesome cold / sinus infection for the holidays, and we've all been getting it. The wife and I are still sick.

While I haven't had time to actually 'work' on it, I have been thinking the directions I'm wanting to take with the game room.  I've decided to nix the idea of a cabinet that's dedicated to the 3d Pinball! game that I have.  Even though it's a great emulator, it's not the same as a real pin.  I've also chosen to forego making a sister cabaret cab to the Horizons cab.  The reason is simply that while a cabaret cab is enjoyable, it's not the most comfortable cab to play at.  I would rather have another full-size upright.  Also, the cocktail cab I will should cover all of those vertical-screen games that the Horizons cab isn't designed for.  So my thinking has gone to actually have one REAL cab in the arcade.  Something like a Space Invaders, Robotron, Berzerk, Missile Command or Defender.  I wouldn't mind an Asteroids or Lunar Lander cab, but they're actually too tall to fit in the basement with the suspended ceiling.  Here's the list of what games I want included in the game room (currently):

1.  MAME cabaret cab (Horizons - 95% complete).
2.  MAME cocktail cab (0% complete).
3.  MAME 4-player, full-sized upright cab (0% complete).
4.  Original, real arcade cab (when time & money allows).
5.  Real pinball machine or cockpit / driver-style MAME cab (still pondering)

There is room for only 4 cabs in this game room in its current setup, and I figure the pinball machine, etc. will be last on my 'to-do' list.  Once the baby gets a little older and the teenager moves out on his own, I'll be able to reorganize a couple areas to potentially add more cabs.

That's what I've got for now.  Live the Arcade Dream!!