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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More artistic endeavors in the arcade

    Well, despite working full-time, maintaining a household and being in school (almost full-time), I'm still squeezing in a little late-night work on the first art piece for the arcade. This mural, called MOONSCAPE, will depict a large space-scene. The large sphere is the moon, with planet Earth and Saturn off to the left. The Moonlight Mini-Arcade logo will be placed in the center of the mural, surrounded by various video game characters floating and flying through space. There will also be a couple astronauts on the moon surface, playing the arcade game "Lunar Lander" - fitting, eh?
    Most of the detail artwork will be done with black-light friendly acrylic paints. There will eventually be black lights mounted to the ceiling, and covered by a long bezel, to illuminate the mural.
    As you can see, the work is still at the very beginning stages, with only the planets roughed in.

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