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Thursday, March 17, 2011

3D Pinball Cab Concept Sketch

So I have been thinking about what the next cabinet is going to be. Since I won't be able to afford a real pinball cabinet anytime, I wanted to make a cabinet based on a pinball emulation that, to me, is about the best I've ever played. Produced back in the mid-90's, Hyper-3D Pinball was awesome! I played it forever and a day when it was new. The original game only seems to like running on Windows 95, but I still have the old HP computer (with the bad-ass Pentium 75 CPU) that I played the game on back then. The sketch you see here is a general cabinet idea I'm going for. Although the HORIZONS cab isn't fully completed and I should finish it first, I figured it can't hurt to plan ahead a little bit. . .

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