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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have buttons, now let's build that next cab!

Finally got the buttons in for Rick's future cocktail cabinet.  We ended up getting an 18-button set up for his cab:  2 players, with 6 action buttons each,  1 & 2-player start buttons, buttons for 1 and 2-player credits, and a couple buttons to incorporate a pause and escape for MAME.  He's inheriting a couple of 8-way joysticks via my first cabinet, that was disassembled long ago.

I'll hopefully be able to get my cocktail going soon, but I want the nice pac-man style joysticks and I've been pinching pennies to get other things fixed around the house.  The plan is to get the supplies by mid-spring.  In the meantime, I now have the 1 and 2-player start buttons for my Horizons cab from this last shipment, so no more holes in the control panel - yea!!!

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