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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Vacation, My Ass . . .

Well, here's a surprise.  Didn't get time to work on anything arcade-related.  Too much stuff going on with family holiday get-togethers, housework / home repairs and taking care of the baby while the daycare was closed.  Baby brought home an awesome cold / sinus infection for the holidays, and we've all been getting it. The wife and I are still sick.

While I haven't had time to actually 'work' on it, I have been thinking the directions I'm wanting to take with the game room.  I've decided to nix the idea of a cabinet that's dedicated to the 3d Pinball! game that I have.  Even though it's a great emulator, it's not the same as a real pin.  I've also chosen to forego making a sister cabaret cab to the Horizons cab.  The reason is simply that while a cabaret cab is enjoyable, it's not the most comfortable cab to play at.  I would rather have another full-size upright.  Also, the cocktail cab I will should cover all of those vertical-screen games that the Horizons cab isn't designed for.  So my thinking has gone to actually have one REAL cab in the arcade.  Something like a Space Invaders, Robotron, Berzerk, Missile Command or Defender.  I wouldn't mind an Asteroids or Lunar Lander cab, but they're actually too tall to fit in the basement with the suspended ceiling.  Here's the list of what games I want included in the game room (currently):

1.  MAME cabaret cab (Horizons - 95% complete).
2.  MAME cocktail cab (0% complete).
3.  MAME 4-player, full-sized upright cab (0% complete).
4.  Original, real arcade cab (when time & money allows).
5.  Real pinball machine or cockpit / driver-style MAME cab (still pondering)

There is room for only 4 cabs in this game room in its current setup, and I figure the pinball machine, etc. will be last on my 'to-do' list.  Once the baby gets a little older and the teenager moves out on his own, I'll be able to reorganize a couple areas to potentially add more cabs.

That's what I've got for now.  Live the Arcade Dream!!

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