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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy Life, but happy . . .

So, I added a couple pics of the Horizons cab in the cabinets section.  SOOOOOOO CLOSE!!!  All that's left now is the filler panel between the control panel and glass / bezel.  I also need to figure out what to do with the edges of the arcade side panels, since I failed to route out grooves for T-molding in the beginning of the project.  Other than some protective trim around the base, that'll be it!!  WooHoo!!

I'll be helping my friend Rick build his cabinet next, and my plan is to also begin building my cocktail cab at the same time (we're planning on buying buttons / sticks from Suzo-Happ soon).  Slow-going but still fun.

The podcast has really become an inspiration for me in this hobby.  We've been getting great feedback so far, and we're working towards completion of episode 2.  We're really hoping to fill the MAME niche in the podcasting world.  It's been a major time juggle to fit in chances to record content for it, but we're determined to keep it going!  I finally got it set up on iTunes, so check out the link on the home page:

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