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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So, the oldest son is now off to college, and now I can move the treadmill / exercise machine into his room, allowing me access to the right side of the north wall mural in the arcade.  I've been doing a little bit of touch-up of the mural in the meantime:  finished my final coat of paint of the black-light reactive stars, as well as begin painting in the land-masses of planet Earth.  Along with this, the Horizons Cab is almost done!!  I will add pics to the 'Cabinets' section of the blog soon.
I have also added a new section to the blog, called 'Game Room'.  This is where I will show additions / mods to the arcade itself that aren't arcade cab specific.  I plan to upload pics of the bezels I installed on the black lights for the mural shortly.

Other news:

The first RetroMameArcade Podcast is completed.  It's available for streaming on the website:

It will also be available on iTunes very soon (just gotta finish the RSS feed info, etc).  

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