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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Have Christmas Vacation, Will Work on the Arcade!

I lucked out and was able to get vacation time off from the 24th of December through the 1st of January.  Actually I kind of had to, as our daycare is closed during that time, so someone's got to stay home and take care of the little one.  At just over 8 months old, he's quite the handful, so I'm still going to have to use the 'moonlight' hours of the evening to work on the game room.  But at least having time off from the normal work day will make it easier to lose a little sleep while pushing towards more progress in the basement.

The Horizons Cabinet:  recently, I was able to get the control panel front cover, back access door and the control front cover-to-keyboard drawer filler panel primed for painting.  I'm hoping on getting the color coats done in the next day or two.  After that, all that really needs done is get the filler peice between the control panel and the monitor bezel installed (once I make it), and adding a little adhesive backed insulation stripping on the cabinet internals, to keep the marquee lighting from shining through a couple gaps.  I do eventually have to look into taking care of some other cosmetics (i.e. paint bleed on the side-art that needs touching up, etc.).  I also have to finish the DOS-based batch file front-end / gaming menu system.

Also on my to-do list over the next week:
1.  Install bezels over the ceiling mounted black lights that shine on the space mural.
2.  Finish painting planet Earth on the space mural and begin working on Saturn.
3.  Look into adding a couple more mirrors (as my budget allows) to the west arcade wall.
4.  Optimize / reorganize console games that are currently in use in the arcade, as they're just kind of a mess all over the northwest corner of the game room.
5.  Finish cleaning out the arcade fish tank and begin testing the current equipment (light/bezel, air pumps etc.).
6.  Begin working on the PC for the next planned arcade cabinet (cocktail).

We'll see how much of this list I get get accomplished, but I'm trying to keep up my enthusiasm, because if I don't see a little more progress, I'm going to get a bit bummed out and possibly a touch crazy!!!  More soon!

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