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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not necessarily slacking . . . .

I actually have a decent reason for not posting for a couple of months.  I've been working on a MAME-based project with a good friend of mine.  No, it's not a cab or anything like that.   It's actually a web site for MAME enthusiasts called

It's still under construction, but the cool part of it all is that the web site will be a supplement to our upcoming podcast.  The podcast (still in process) will be available soon -  the plan is to have it up on iTunes, etc. by mid-June.  It's going to cover pretty much all things MAME-ish.  From general tech, to desktop control panel construction, to cabinet and and MAME-based arcade builds (real surprise there).

We're hoping to make it fun (and a little sassy).  I've been using my midnight oil over the past few weeks, tweaking the sound and production of the podcast.  We're still creating content, and figuring out the details of what true direction we're going to have the podcast take.

Can't wait for the first podcast to hit iTunes . . . I'll keep you posted!!

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