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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So it's early in the morning . . .

It's one of those nights where you're tired, but actually don't feel like sleeping.  I stayed up late to chat and hang out with my stepson, who'll be leaving for college in another month or so.  We talked cars, games, etc.  I'm finally starting to rest, now that I'm on a CPAP machine.  It turns out I have really bad sleep apnea, and the CPAP is slowly bringing me back to having energy to burn some midnight oil.  Tonight I decided to get a 'master' computer set up with all my MAME  game roms.  It took some time, as I have a few THOUSAND!  Also the fact they were originally on CD when I got them several years ago increased the task time.  Being able to finally get them fully onto a machine (as well as most of them on a jump drive) will make downloading them to the other PCs MUCH easier.

The RetroMameArcade podcast is almost ready - funny how almost everything I plan ends up taking longer than I think.  It's been a learning experience, but also fun.

Been starting to work on the black light bezels for the ceiling, as well as the black light fish tank.

Also (if I'm lucky), the Horizons cab will be done within the next two weeks. . . .WOOHOO!!!

Wish I had more, but I've had lots of home / garden projects to take care of, as well as rebuilding my old Kawasaki 650 motorcycle.

More later.  Live the arcade dream!!

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